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Logic goes on vacation at second career HQ. Go figure.

So, remember when I said I just needed to fill out some paperwork and I should be good to go? Apparently not quite. The second career program, in its infinite wisdom, has apparently decided that in order to even possibly maybe be approved for funding, you must already be enrolled in the course of your choosing. Not exactly a tough expectation to meet–if you’re not applying for funding because you can’t invent it on your own. I’m not sure how it works outside of Ontario, but here, just to submit your application off to a college ends up costing you nearly $100. Not much if you’re working a minimum wage job with the same kind of bills I’ve got, but a bit of creativity will be required for anyone who has the pleasure of not having a minimum wage income. Like, for example, just about anyone who qualifies for second career funding.

So now, you go off and pay the non-refundable $95 application fee, apply to your college(s) of choice, get accepted, then wait for the government to decide if they’re going to let you actually be able to aford to take the course in question. Their reason? They want to see exactly what kind of fees they’ll be stuck on the hook for paying while I go through this course. Um, which I thought was the point of me walking into the office with a listing of the applicable fees for the course I’m thinking about taking already.

Logic has clearly gone on vacation this week. Now, I go attempt to spit $95 worth of quarters. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the lottory ticket I bought a couple days ago won’t turn out to be a complete waste of $6. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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