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  • On Wikipedia as research method: why not?


    The class I take–as in, the one I should be focusing on at the moment rather than doing exactly what I’m doing right now–is sandwitched in between two presumedly highschool level English classes. During one of those classes, I walked in on the tail end of a discussion between the … Read the rest

  • Death of a 5-year weekend. Or, an epic crash course in college mobility.

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    I haven’t had a job or anything like it since the recession sent mine overseas. That was in 2008. Since then, I’ve been telling folks I’ve been on one continuous long weekend. Oh, sure, I’ve had the occasional interview that may or may not have resulted in a “don’t call … Read the rest

  • Back to school, the hard way. Or, who’s bright idea was math anyway?

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    So let’s see. The last time I thought about educating myself, I ended up chasing Everest College around in a near to endless circle and wound up right back where I started. That is, no closer to being educated and no further ahead with working with the school on making … Read the rest

  • I do believe college just quit me.

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    Or if nothing else, their disability department did. I’ve been working at getting myself situated so the geekness that is me can exist on paper with a minimal amount of fuss. Which, in turn, would hopefully result in somebody not paid by the government signing my more generous than present … Read the rest

  • Your postsecondary tuition only goes in one direction. Who wants to guess?

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    Tired of guessing? Here’s a hint. In all but 3 provinces, tuition’s on a larger than life increase. I met up with this larger than life factoid when I started my own trek back to college and, well, we know how that ended. When I went to college … Read the rest

  • The college thing bursts into flames, but I’m not done yet.

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    So you may or may not remember I extended my stay in Rochester for a little over two weeks extra. This a direct result of the fact the conversation I ended up having with Algonquin College’s disability department virtually undid everything I was trying to get all comfortably tied up … Read the rest

  • Well, that was unsurprising. College doesn’t like me.

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    Remember the assessment of doom I was studying for? The one I only had a week to get everything accomplished accessibility/preparation-wise before it was either going to make or break my attempt at further education? Yeah, that one. It broke. Badly. I got word of the proof of such … Read the rest

  • I came, I saw, I oopsed. Now, I wait.

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    So. That math assessment I was worried about? Yeah, it sucked. Not quite as bad as I figured it would–just enough to confirm I am, in fact, every bit as weak in the area of algebra as I thought. Which, roughly translated, means I am virtually algebraically useless. Still, I … Read the rest

  • I think I’ll forget Monday. Starting… now.

    Oh, the insanity. The extra large order of insanity. I’m about to become supremely busy, and probably supremely flustered–all at once. Taking off to sign a couple things re: second career, which will probably be the easiest part of today. After that, and after at least one miniature meltdown in … Read the rest

  • Now I remember why I avoided highschool math. Ow, my brain.


    Because I didn’t need a grade 12 math credit to graduate from highschool, I didn’t take one. Because I didn’t invision me ending up going to college to put on paper skills I’d taught myself in recent years, I wasn’t overly concerned about it. Oopsies. Now, I get to enjoy … Read the rest

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