I think I’ll forget Monday. Starting… now.

Oh, the insanity. The extra large order of insanity. I’m about to become supremely busy, and probably supremely flustered–all at once. Taking off to sign a couple things re: second career, which will probably be the easiest part of today. After that, and after at least one miniature meltdown in which I sincerely question my sanity for trying to get into a course that apparently heavily depends on material I hadn’t even looked at before last week in roughly 10 years, I run into Pembroke to be assessed on the afore mentioned material. This will be the last of the questionmarks as to whether or not I actually go any farther in the application/registration stage of getting into this program. And, after spending most of last week breaking my brain 6 ways from Sunday, and spending a couple hours this morning giving it a few more good kicks, I’ve reached a rather obvious decision. Either I have it nailed down for sure, or I don’t stand a chance in hell of doing so. Is it wrong to be contemplating vodka before noon?

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