I will probably be kicking myself by about noon.

But yes, I am in fact quite here and somewhat still awake. There are, including me, 35 people waiting to get calls. Now, keep in mind it’s 8:30 in the morning–it usually drops off throughout the day. I’ve already discovered we’ve pretty much become a secondary call center; if one of the others who handles calls for this department gets too busy, we start picking up the extra calls. That June 27th closing date I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Yeah, that’s probably getting moved up a little. Not that it concerns me, I mean I still get the severence package they’re offering me if I’m still here on closing day, it’d just be supremely awesome to know for sure just when closing day actually is. Y’know, so I can book that particular day off as a vacation. Hey, their rule is I still have to be employed here on the day they close the site. Not that I actually have to *be* here. Technicality? You be the judge. I really don’t care.

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