My day just got a whole lot less busy.

Finally caught a lunch break at about 10 to 3 (I’m off at 5:30), and at the moment there’s way more people waiting to take calls than we have calls. So I’m effectively emailable ’til about 4 (well, I’ve been emailable all day… corporate firewalls got nothin’ on me), and then after the meeting I apparently have to go to as of… an hour ago, emailable again at about… 5-ish. Sadly reception sucks in here or at least one person would be getting a text message just to make sure they’re still awake. Correction. Unless I sit/stand *just* right, reception’s nonexistent in here. I think I’ll make that a requirement for my next job.

Someone’s obviously toying with me. By week’s end it’s threatening to hit 20 degrees. And yet here’s me, working. For the curious, that works out to 68 fahrenheit. Not too freakin’ bad for mid-April.

Okay I’ve killed most of my lunch hour. Time to go semi-pay attention to a meeting. Reachable is me. Later.


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