No wonder I was sticking to the air in my apartment.

According to Environment Canada, current humidity level around these parts is 94 percent. No, I didn’t misread–94 freaking percent. As in, the air outside–and at the moment, inside–my apartment is nearly all moisture. If I hadn’t just yesterday set up my AC, I think I’d be cursing mother nature right now. Instead, allow me to simply flip the switch, close my windows, and laugh at mother nature. And then see if maybe I can’t peal the air off me. I swear, if it had substance, that would be required right about now. So uncool.

In unrelated news, at least it’s only 16 degrees c out there right now. 16 humid degrees, but still. Now, about that dehumidifying.

  1. I love being enveloped by air – whether it’s humidity on a hot sweltery day or thick, dense fog.

    1. I can do hot, no problem. I absolutely cannot do humid. Like, at all. Maybe I’m just weird like that–it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been called that.

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