Since when did my apartment become a crash pad?

So, as she’s wont to do, mom decided on like 48 hours’ notice that she’ll be staying at my place tonight for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. And then, that she’d just kinda sorta wait around ’til I get off work tomorrow night. And then on 3 hours’ notice, apparently my aunt is coming with her. And the point of this is, exactly… what, again? It sure as hell isn’t just for shopping’s sake, I can about guarantee you that much. So that leaves checking on me. Or, kinda, just waiting here just in case I can’t manage to walk from the bus to my own apartment on my own tomorrow. I love my mother, don’t get me wrong… but grah. I did not move to Ottawa so she could check up on me. And I certainly didn’t move to Ottawa so I could have more people over than I have places to put people. Blarg… I want to be working already.


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