Random thing about this here apartment building.

This just started earlier tonight, but every so often, I’ll hear what sounds like someone/thing hitting the cieling below me. Except, it/they only bang once, and then that’s it. It happens by the sounds of it every couple hours or so. Apparently completely at random. I are having none of the idea what the hell’s going on, since I don’t really hear anything else going on down there. If it happens again, I’m half tempted to throw my day clothes back on and go knock on a door. They’re lucky I’m not sleeping right now, whatever that is. Or my half awake ass would be getting all up in someone’s face. And just for effect and to see what kind of reaction I’d get from whoever’s doing it, I’d be bringing the stick. Yeah, *that* stick. Blindies know the benefits of *that* stick around other people. Fortunately for them, though, I live mostly at night. So all it gets out of me is a mighty large wtf. Well, okay, and a random semi-rant on LJ. But it’s my LJ, goddammit, I’ll semi-rant if I damn well wanna. There’s plenty of other shtuff to read if you’d rather not read mine.

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