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Oh hey look, it’s only halfway through January and I remembered I actually do these! Maybe I’ll get the one for the year up sometime before june, yeah? Could happen.

December was insanely crazy busy for the folks what bring you the occasional broken on this side of the site. From a readership perspective, it was fairly busy for you as well. For the month of December, 668 of you found something to waste a minute and a half on. That’s a far cry from where we were at the beginning of 2011. Not bad considering I fell off the blogging wagon more than usual in 2012. So, without further ramblings from yours truely, here’s a snapshot of what you found interesting enough to stare at, as always, courtesy Google Analytics.

  • I’m a larger than life fan of WordPress. The self-hosted one, to be precise–wordpress.com can go that-a-way, thanks kindly. I wasn’t very enthusiastic when they made some changes to the administrative interface that caused one or two minor accessibility headaches. They could be and often times were worked around, but that didn’t stop me from being quite pleased they fixed some of them in the latest version. I went into detail on what they fixed, and how to work around things in the event the fix doesn’t really apply to you.
  • I tend to push the technical limits of just about anything I can get my hands on. Including the modem provided me by everyone’s favourite ISP (I’ve blogged about them quite”> frequently–yes, they have two categories. Blame the fact they’re desperately trying to get away from the Sympatico brand where possible.) This time, though, Bell/Sympatico’s modem pushed back. Hard, and broke a couple networking standards in the process. I still can’t help but wonder. Did Bell start copying things from Microsoft’s playbook? Just asking.
  • I pay attention to hosting/web resources news. One kind of has to, when one has a couple domain names of his own and hosts a couple more for friends. So when a company like Network Solutions tries to play fast and loose with its customers, I tend to take notice. Just so we’re clear, I get they used to be number 1 in the business. Actually, there used to be a time you couldn’t do much on the hosting side without going through them. Them, and Internic. Pulling little tricks like that right there, though? Mighty fine way to make sure they don’t get back there.
  • We go back to 2010 for this entry. I considered switching to Wind Mobile for cell phone service near the end of 2010. Mostly because, well, I needed a way to hit up the US from the cell should the need arise. Needless to say, the reason for it no longer exists, which is all well and good since their fair usage policy pretty much turned me off of the company. I posted an open letter on the topic. I’ve also given up on getting any actual response from the company. The conversation they’re so enthusiastic about is apparently one-way.
  • And last but not least, I get this one cropping up for a few months right around both Canadian and US Thanksgiving. My entry on the second Thanksgiving I spent in Rochester, back when I had a reason to spend such things in Rochester. Judging by the search terms that bring folks to that entry. my guess is they’re not looking for my recap of Thanksgiving in the US. Sorry to disappoint. Perhaps that’ll teach you not to go looking for your homework on Google, ya lazy sod.

And that’s December in a nutshell. From a what I’ve been up to, and a what you’ve been reading, viewpoint. Now, after I’ve had sleep and then more caffeine, look for a post that tackles the most popular entries of 2012, according to you. Also much more mockery. Oh, and something or other about we actually have a hockey season. Who knew? Until then, unless something miraculous happens before then, happy reading. Oh–and, uh, whatever you do, try and resist giving your kids the internet for Christmas. That crap’s really hard to mock unless you go on a lengthy, poorly written rant where I can see it.

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