Popular posts (December, 2009).

The month hasn’t been as active on here as they probably should be. I’ve been skipping back and forth across the border, plus with Christmas and all the preparation for that folks in general just haven’t been browsing as much. Still, those that did browse were quite interested in what I had to say this month.

  • We’ve been having issues with our web host, DreamHost, a fair bit this year. I ranted about that, and actually got a possible decent recommendation out of it. Might be useful in the event I don’t feel like self-hosting everything I use.
  • Folks in Rochester don’t do Thanksgiving quite like I’m used to. comparing the two was interesting in a few ways, and not something I thought to do before.
  • Sometimes, relaxation comes in all sorts of odd forms. And sometimes, disability services–yes, even in Canada–try to screw folks over when they least need it done. Like, for example, all the time. I wrote about both.
  • All kinds of things get said about us as Canadians. We’re overly polite. we’re fans of our beer and poutine. Hockey is to Canadians like Christianity is to the right wing of the political spectrum. And sometimes, we stumble across proof. It’s then that I get amused.
  • Jessica’s birthday went off without a hitch. There was plenty planned for it, much done, and a post written particularly for that occasion.

It’s been an interesting month, for sure. And an interesting couple months since I started getting back into blogging. Hopefually that says a whole lot about 2010, and maybe I might actually find a point for this thing beyond random personal and sometimes trivial facts about stuff that doesn’t matter to anyone else but me. But until then, random personal trivialities it is. Stick around this month if you like. It might be fun.

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