Popular posts (November, 2009).

On average of about once a month, I like to try and capture a snapshot of things of general interest people have been pointing to here. Mostly for my own curiosity, but also because sometimes if they find it interesting, they might not be the only ones. Since the thing’s only been online for a little less than a month, the interest level’s probably gonna be through the floor, but oh well, I’m doing it anyway.

Since the blog came back from the dead in the first week of November, 275 unique visitors ran across these posts, and probably pointed a friend or two to reading them.

There you have it. Bits and pieces of my life, documented and found interesting by folks. Hopefully it’s as interesting a read as it was entertaining when I was doing it.

Disclaimer: statistics may not be accurate, as this doesn’t count those of you reading this on Livejournal, which for the moment I’m unable to track. Hey, LJ, if you’re reading this, fix that. Also. MY ability to spell, and my ability to actually remember to link to the posts in question, seem to have taken a vacation. Here’s hoping next month’s is better.

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