An open letter to DreamHost.

Dear DH,

I happened to be up during the night for unrelated reasons, and just so happened to be walking past the computer to take care of a thing or two. In so doing, I couldn’t help but notice the tell-tail signs of a severe breakage not entirely unlike one we here at the geek in training household experienced last week. And about 3 or 4 times before that. Your website was toast, my blog was toast, email was toast, your network was probably toast.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know first hand shit happens. Networks will take a dive. Hardware goes bork, and all manner of hell breaks loose. But 5 times at least in a month? And after you released yet another fluffy newsletter escentially saying these kinds of problems should be behind us? Not cool, DH. So uncool. You’re driving me closer and closer to the point of actually wanting to endure the required brain damage to actually configure, fire up, and test, before using, a web and email solution powered by the unmanaged VPS’s over at Linode. I’d really rather not, you understand. But if you keep leaving me no choice, I’m gonna have to split. My network at home stays up longer than you folks have this month. Now, please, by all means, fix your shit for good. Moving this much crap over to another server, even one managed by me, will be a bitch. Do not force me to do so. You really do not want to force me to do so.

No love,

PS: Your overly perky and way too optimistic newsletter could use some work. I only bought it for about a minute and a half. And wanted a refund when your network crapped again.

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  1. I might think about doing that, depending on what they offer and whether or not I’m motivated to suffer the brain damage of setting things up myself. I’m still debating.

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