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Deconstructing the NDP’s response to my open letter.

So far, the only other person to respond to my email thus far is the NDP. Or rather, the NDP leader’s corespondence officer. Who, apparently, didn’t quite get all her information accurate. But, one step at a time. What does miss Andrea’s corespondence officer have to say?

Dear Mr. Homuth,

Thank you for your email to Andrea Horwath expressing your views concerning Social Assistance.

Ontario’s New Democrats have called the McGuinty government to task many times over the past six years on its failure to provide adequate supports to Ontario’s most vulnerable people. Sadly, not much has changed for our poorest people. The promised review of social assistance rates has not yet occurred, tens of thousands languish on waiting lists for affordable housing and we have yet to see a significant number of public child care spaces increase.

Not overly concerned with childcare spaces over here, but I’ll ignore that. Clearly, not much has changed. Scream a little louder, please?

The NDP continues to be vocal in the Legislature and across Ontario in an effort to force this government to take real action to alleviate poverty.

I’d be interested to see the definition of “real action” according to all three parties. But I’ll settle for the NDP’s definition. Particularly since my own local, conservative MPP has yet to respond, nevermind his party leader.

That’s why the NDP called for the following amendments to Bill 152:

Adding as a goal to work for a poverty-free Ontario

Recognizing the right of all Ontarians to an adequate income, decent housing, healthy food, and fair paid employment

Require the creation of a Poverty Reduction Commission (including people living in poverty and other key stakeholders) to independently report on the government’s progress in reducing poverty each year

Require that the Minister reports to the legislature on progress each year

Including adequate funding for proper consultation

Require that poverty reduction strategies:

address all people living in poverty – not just one sub-group
address income support, labour market participation, food access, affordable housing and other causes of poverty
Set a long term poverty reduction target that goes further than 25% in five years

As a health care professional, you know that poverty is the root cause of many serious health problems and we thank you very much for taking the time to write and for your hard work and support.

Healthcare professional? I’m an ODSP recipient. Big difference.

Please visit www.ontariondp.com to learn more about how the NDP Caucus is fighting for Ontarians in our communities and at Queen’s Park.


Ezia Cervoni,

Leader’s Correspondence Officer

I don’t want to visit a website to learn what you’re planning to do. Nor do I want to visit the government’s website to learn what they want to do. I want two-way dialogue here. The ruling parties have the money. Or, at least, the ministries overseen by the said parties have the money. We, meaning the people receiving said money, know where it needs to be put and in what quantity. All that has to happen is the conversation. One of us is making that attempt. Let’s see how far it goes.

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