If a delicious falls off the internet, does anyone notice?

I don’t know anyone who’s ever actually used Delicious, or del.icio.us if you’d prefer, with the exception of maybe those folks over at Lifehacker. Yeah, in spite of the fact damn near every social networking plugin/add-on for a website has the service available–nearly as available as Facebook. Well, if you do use it, you won’t be anymore. Multiple sources are now saying Yahoo’s killing it, along with its Buz service, and Yahoo! Videos–also services I don’t know very many who actually use. The things that die to cut costs, I guess. Oh well; at least there’s still Google and Youtube.

So long, Delicious. I’d say I’ll miss ya, but I didn’t even know ya.

  1. I use Delicious religiously at work. Losing it is a huge pain in the ass.

    1. Wow. Now I can actually say I know someone who used it. Well, if by “know someone” one means stalk someone online. But whichever. Sorry it’s a pain in the ass. Really. Still, so far, first and only. Feel special yet?

      1. I felt special the day you appeared in my life!

        It’s dead useful for keeping track of design blogs and rescources when you boss is Internet challenged and filling up the bookmarks tab would ruin her. I can use it to take work home with me, and the categories are a life-saver.

        Its demise isn’t finalized yet, even though their staff collected golden handshakes. I hope something like it sticks around!

        1. I felt special the day you appeared in my life!

          Oi. I think I just got snarked at. Not cool. 😛

          I thought I’d read in a few places it was pretty much official except for the actually closing the door. For your sake I hope it’s not, though!

  2. There aren’t zillions of ’em or anything, but we do get people saving links to our stuff there. I don’t use it myself, but I guess I can see where it would be handy.

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