Update: Delicious isn’t dead. Yet.

Fans of the previously mentioned Delicious website may be entitled to a tiny little bit of cellebratory partying. According to clarifications that floated across my desk today, they’re possibly not, in fact, shutting down. Updates directly from Yahoo!, courtesy Shane’s blog, indicate they may be selling off the service instead. No word whatsoever on Yahoo’s other services that are scheduled for potential shutdown. If you’re not sure what to do after the site finds itself on the auction block, or otherwise not the delicious website it is now, try this list of alternatives, complete with yet another link to yet another list of alternatives should that one not do it for you. In the meantime, whatever happens with the site itself, at least you won’t be left completely screwed. We hope. Find a suggestion not on the previously linked list and want it promoted? Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

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