Clive Doucet doesn’t get the meaning of “Stop emailing me”. Again.

In 2009, I had a very short, two email long conversation with Ottawa councillor Clive Doucet during the OC Transpo strike. The exchange quite literally consisted of one email in each direction. And the email coming from his direction pretty much told me and my valid–and not disputed–criticisms of the city’s handling of the strike to escentially screw off. Flash forward a few months. I get an email from Doucet related to his position on 2009’s municipal budget. This one contains no unsubscription option–so it gets a reply from me, telling him to kick me off whatever distribution list my one email to him in January of 09 seems to have landed me on.

Flash forward another few months. I get two more emails, in the span of two weeks. They both get replied to, with the same request. All goes quiet, so I figure this time, it worked. Flash forward to late in 2009. I’ve moved out of Ottawa by this point. The first of the emails re: actually doing something with Lansdowne Park besides stare at it come across my desk–for the record, the project was brought up in the media in late 2008. Once again, emails get replied to–this time, with the added note that I’m no longer living in Ottawa and would really like to not have to resort to technical methods of blocking these emails. All goes quiet, until municipal election talk starts up. Then, emails start coming to me from Doucet’s election-related mailbox. This one, thank Christ, has an unsubscribe option. I made very quick use of it. Then, I wrote this entry. I didn’t hear anything more from “Clive Doucet for Mayor”, at least.

Flash forward to today. I was introduced this morning to yet another mailing from Doucet’s city of Ottawa mailbox. And, surprise of surprises, it’s back to discussing the Lansdowne project–which they really can’t be doing much about until the new council takes over in December anyway. Also surprise of surprises, this one doesn’t have an unsubscribe option. Time for yet another reply to a soon to be former councillor.

Another small note to Clive. I already opted out–multiple times–of both your mailing lists. That’s usually an indication I don’t want to be emailed. Please, for the love of everything good and all that, say no to spam. We still don’t like opt-out mailing lists.

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