This debate hurts my head.

And, surprise surprise, it reminds me why it is I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over not getting out to vote next week. In list format, because I’m lazy.

  • Andrew Hayden: spending most of the debate picking at the other candidates, and interjecting his 0.5 cents where it’s not welcome–like, say, when someone else is supposed to have the floor. Go away, Andrew.
  • Clive Doucet: Pro-LRT, anti-tunnel, no idea what he’ll do with municipal taxes to compensate–or if he knows, he sure as hell isn’t saying. Also: Really? You’ll criticise O’Brien on how he handled the OC Transpo strike, but you’ll give me the stink eye for criticising the same? And yeah, I’m still not a fan of spam. You go somewhere else, too. Just not the same place as Andy–I don’t think he likes you. Or anyone.
  • Jim Watson/Larry O’Brien: Where’s the difference? One taxed us municipally, one taxed us provincially. Both are pro-LRT, pro-tunnel, anti-clue. And they spent the debate sniping back and forth at each other more than Andrew Hayden did at any of them. But aside from the fact Watson actually answered a question re: how much the LRT system would cost, whereas Larry well, um, did the exact opposite, they look very much the same to me.

I asked the candidates in the debate to maybe knock off the bickering and actually answer the questions being asked. I don’t particularly think they came close to doing that. If I didn’t one day plan to rmove back to the city, I might be inclined to view this more comically. As it is, though? I think I’m actually kind of scared. That’s not an easy accomplishment. Nice work, guys.

PS: Andy, the biggest criticism we had about Larry O’Brien is he wouldn’t work with city council. You didn’t even work with the moderators of the debate. You fail. That is all.

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