The eastern conference is coming to a head. Boston gets dumped from 3 0.

This is the perfect situation for a Montreal Canadians meltdown. They haven’t won the cup since 93. No team has come back from being down 3 games to none in a series since 1975. Prior to that, it was since 1942–the 1942 Maple Leafs, to be exact. Boston had a stranglehold on the series going into game 4, whereas the Penguins weren’t quite so fortunate against Montreal–I still have no idea how it is the Canadians pulled it off without cheating. In the last possible moment, Boston went from hero to zero in 60 minutes. And the Flyers managed to surprise the hell out of just about everyone who isn’t a diehard fan of the team. On Friday, in the seventh game of the series, boston was sent golfing. On Sunday, Flyers versus Canadians, game 1 will fill my living room television. And I will be toasting every Flyers goal between now and the end of the conference finals. Go Flyers go!

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