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Montreal cheats, gets into conference finals. The hell?

In a twist that could only be carried out on TV–until this week, anyway–Vancouver gets tossed out on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Montreal puts the Penguins on ice. This after just about everyone pretty much ruled the latter out of the playoffs after, say, the last game of the season. The explanation is a simple one–Montreal cheated. Has to be it, really.

Starting this weekend, I will renew with much more effort my own participation in the No habs No campaign. For every goal scored against Montral in the conference finals, I will permit myself the enjoyment of one more vodka and coke through the duration of the particular game(s). By the end of the series, I will either be very drunk, or very disappointed. Or maybe both, if they end up dragging it out to seven games and winning again–bastards. Either way, it’ll be quite fun. Anyone wanna join me?

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