Maple Leafs 4, Canadians 3–yes, I know, better late than never.

After sitting down to watch the Montreal toronto game last Saturday, I was rendered completely speechless for pretty much the entire week. Hence, no posts up here. You know it’s bad when we can’t even win properly to help ourselves. But we had a wicked as hell chance to screw someone out of a shot at the second season. Not just anyone, either, but a team we hate only slightly more than those goddamn Senators. Montreal only needed a single point to get into the playoffs. One. single. point. All we had to do was not fall completely apart in regulation and they’d be golfing on the course right behind us. We didn’t even manage to do that. Okay, so we still won, even if it was in OT, someone will likely argue. And they’re right. It just would have been nice if I didn’t for the next week or so at least have to hear about it every time Montreal pulls off a playoff win. It’s already bad enough we have to hear about Ottawa. Oh wel. As we in Leafs nation always say, there’s always next year.

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