Canadians 3, Maple Leafs 2.

So let’s see if I can wrap my head around this here. I don’t think so, but let’s see. We fire nearly 50 shots on net, Jason “I can’t buy a goal” Blake nets one, and we still get killed by Montreal in overtime? Someone wanna explain to me how that happens? Were we being stupid in our own end again? Were we being stupid, perhaps, in the *other* end again? How in the hell do we have a performance like that and still end up taking it on the nose? I think I need a clue by four.

Last time

We didn’t have trouble beating them last time we played. And didn’t quite have the level of performance the recaps say we had in this game. So I have no idea what the difference is. Well, other than the fact the hockey team’s been taking the occasional day off and letting the amateurs play a game or 3 since then. Okay, so maybe I do have the answer after all. Okay, forget I asked. I already have.

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