Hurricanes 4, Maple Leafs 2.

someone please tell me what happened? We had an awesome game going into the third. Absolutely awesome. Down 1 0 in the first, we came back to knot it up before the end of the period. We jumped ahead in the second, although that didn’t last all too long before Carolina tied it up again. Then the final 20 minutes showed up, and… I don’t think we did. We seemed like we were getting outplayed. And in the last 5 minutes of the game, they managed to get ahead of us. An empty-netter cieled it, not that it was needed. Damn shame, too–I do believe we managed nearly 50 shots on goal this time around, for what little good that did us. Happy 4-game losing streak, Leafs Nation!

Last time

We faired a little better in our last game againnt Carolina, losing 6 4. That was a hell of a game to be watching, for sure. I mean, this one was good except for the third, but that seemed to have more of the team I thought I’d see all year. Wonder what happened to them. Has anyone found them yet? Brian Burke would like to know.

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