Sabres 3, Maple Leafs 2.

We’ve managed to put together a nice little losing streak. One we’re working our way through the first period of tonight’s game to try and extend. On the buffalo side of the rink it was ice, but I think on the Toronto side it mysteriously became quicksand. By the time I got bored and fell asleep, it was 2 0 halfway through the second period. It didn’t get a whole lot better–3 0 by end of period. We of course made it interesting in the third, but by then it was pretty well all over but the cheering. Guys, the game started at 7:30, not 9. Try and remember that for next time. Oh, and by the way, tonight’s game started at 7. Please show up to the rink now.

Last time

They beat us back in December by the same score. We played just about as well back there, too. Maybe slightly better, but not by much. I’m scratching my head trying to find a game we’ve actually won against them this year. If we have, and I doubt it, it was before the blog existed in its current form. We really should investigate fixing that at some point. Really.

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