Wild 5, Maple Leafs 2.

I speculated on Twitter, during the Hurricanes game, that we’d not seen the last of the team that not quite was. And, sure enough, they didn’t disappoint. They showed up for the first period, actually managed to keep up with the game during that–even if they, yet again, gave up the opening goal, and then sort of thought it was done. They did manage, somehow, to tie it up in the first… but, well, that was pretty much all she wrote. Three goals in the second, and an empty net at the end of the third, and probably 2 of those could have been prevented, and our undefeated streak comes to a screaming hault. They did manage to bury one at the 17 mark of the second period, but by that point we kind of already wrote the game off. There was one bright side to that night, though. I guess. Um, I… er, I had pizza. Oh yeah, and the new phone did actually end up coming–thoughts on that when I’m not typing on the parents’ computer. But the game? Yeah, I’d like a do over please.

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