Hurricanes 6, Maple Leafs 5.

Uh. What? How in the hell did we go from a 3-goal lead at the end of the second period, to… to… well… losing. In a shootout. Badly. We just don’t do that. Like, at all. Against Carolina, of all freaking teams. Carolina. Loser of 14 straight at one point. I think they might actuallh possess the same number of, if not more, wins than us. And we were winning. Please, please tell me this season’s almost over. Or at least tell me we’re getting a new team.

Last match

The Hurricanes came to Toronto a few weeks ago, and much to my surprise, at which point they rather got soundly beaten. We played probably only slightly better then, and managed to get out of there with 2 points. We show up in Carolina, play like we plan to soundly beat them even more so, and then… promptly fall asleep at the wheel. Huge difference a couple weeks makes. I’d like the team from a couple weeks ago back, please.

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