Side-effects of being a #Sens fan: Desperation leads to conspiracy.

That sucking sound you may or may not have just heard is what little of Ottawa’s sanity remains quickly finding and utilizing the nearest exit. While on the bus coming back from dealing with a few things, I was privy to the most interesting of sports related discussions. Interesting in that it almost had very […]

In which Ottawa prepares to lose itself for about 4 games.

So. The Ottawa Senators made the playoffs. In a shortened season. One I’ve personally been avoiding since it became a shortened season. Awesome. This, roughly translated, means that for approximately the first round, the city will very likely shut down almost entirely at game time. Every sports bar, restaurant with a TV, and hell even […]

Chicago wins the cup, we win the longest current cupless stretch. I approve of this.

The blackhawks hadn’t won the Stanley cup since 1961. My Leafs haven’t won the cup since 1967. Near the end of the playoffs, chants of “1967! 1967!” sounded off amongst blackhawks fans. For that, I offer a hearty thank you. The cup was won in 6, by the Hawks, apparently fairly easily. This gives us […]

The eastern conference is coming to a head. Boston gets dumped from 3 0.

This is the perfect situation for a Montreal Canadians meltdown. They haven’t won the cup since 93. No team has come back from being down 3 games to none in a series since 1975. Prior to that, it was since 1942–the 1942 Maple Leafs, to be exact. Boston had a stranglehold on the series going […]

These playoffs are going in entirely the wrong direction.

Last Wednesday, Montreal somehow managed to survive long enough to give Washington the boot. That netted them a matchup against the Penguins this week–and they’re even in the series at a game a piece. Montreal. In the second round. And not staring at elimination yet. Um. What? Okay, I get that the hockey gods despise […]

Oh, buffalo. You had such promise. Well, okay, maybe not.

In my one-person household, we have a problem. It’s baseball season, and Toronto’s actually doing… well… decently. It’s alsp playoff season, and Montreal still needs to be shown the door–something I’d like to be able to watch. Unfortunately, while my multitasking ability is awesome, my TV’s isn’t. So I missed the playoff style drop kick […]

The next best thing to a Canadians defeat? A Senators defeat.

I don’t get to stand in front of my TV screaming in victory yet–Montreal’s still in the playoffs. But, thank bloody God, Ottawa’s done. Their quest to choke in the Stanley cup finals died on Saturday. Yes, and I’m just now getting around to posting about it–I’ve been busy, okay? In 2007, Ottawa sat tied […]

Figures. I step away from the hockey world for a week, and miss an upset. Devils are gone.

I’ve been concentrating on other things besides hockey for the last several days, a trend that I think is gonna continue today–I have some employment resource thing to get to in a couple minutes. So it figures I miss seeing the Devils get their season handed to them along with their ass. I was kind […]

Go ducks go!

Yes, I know, I haven’t done nearly the hockey/NHL blogging as I’d previously threatened to–a problem that will be corrected next hockey season. But that being said… it’s now the end of the second period. Ottawa is losing 4 2. And I, yes me, am fucking extatic. I called in sick to work tonight–I actually […]