So this team wins this world series…

Yeah, I’ve made all of about 2 and a half entries relating to baseball in any particular way, shape or form–that’s to be expected when your team hasn’t been anywhere near the playoffs since 1993. Or 94, if you want to count the strike-shortened season. And with teams like New York and Boston (by the way, damn you, Redsox) in the mix, it might be 2093 before they see playoff baseball again. So no, I haven’t been following it as closely as I have other years–years before I was blogging. But I still feel sick every time they announce the Redsox won the world series. I think that stems from the hatred I carry over from having been directed towards their hockey team, though. But… eh, whatever works. If I ever decide to get back into baseball again, I know what team I won’t be following. You suck, Boston. Suck, I say!

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