Another day, another politician’s resignation demanded.

This one, surprise surprise, over a contract to renovate a section of Parliament Hill. The contract which started, and had problems, before the current minister in charge was actually, you know, in charge. And yet, because it’s had problems from day 1, and because he had the unmitigated gall to be at a fund raiser hosted by the guy the contract was awarded to shortly after it was awarded, the opposition demands his head. Really, guys? If every cabinet minister resigned who you demanded do so, you’d be the government by default. Neverminding the fact they’re still pissy over the fact they screamed for Stephen harper to fire one of his ministers already and he actually did. Folks, unemployment is at 8%. Can we deal with that first, *then* let you get back to sniping at each other? It’s almost as bad as that excuse for a debate I watched last night. Except without Andy Hayden. Hey, there’s a good place for him–go join up with the opposition, Andy. You’re a perfect fit.

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