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And Canada’s government ups the creap factor. thanks, gov.

email is awesome. I practically live on email. that and RSS–which is where I find most of the mockery. So if someone from the government of canada wanted to give me an idea what their department was up to, and decided to do it through email, I wouldn’t complain. In fact, I’d be pleasantly surprised–mostly because most government officials who happen across this thing tend to rethink communicating with me, lest they wind up part of my collection. However, if they decided to talk to me through email about something because a thinggy in a database I don’t recall adding myself to says I’m interested, I’d get a little tiny bit concerned. Most especially if the person in question is immigration minister Jason Kenny and he’s sending me an email about what they’re doing to help gays and lesbians in another country and I just so happen to actually be gay. I have a lot of respect for what Jason Kenny’s doing. Hell, he’s done more with the immigration file than anyone has in the last several governments–both liberal and conservative–before him. But, um, what? How the hell is this anything but absolutely creapy and crawly and yarf inducing and just WTFOMG no. Seriously, who told anyone remotely close to Jason Kenny that this was a brilliant idea? Better yet, why was that person not promptly fired for such a blatantly not so brilliant idea? Really, you guys. You’re doing a lot of decent things with this country and most of it, for a change, at least doesn’t smell like fluff. Then you go and pull something like this and just… what? I have no idea. I seriously cannot brain on this subject. Guys, you ended up with a majority for at least sounding less crazed than the opposition. Not that it’s stopped the opposition from branding you a bunch of crazed rednecks hell bent on setting Canada on fire or some other damn thing anyway. this upping of the creap factor for no real good reason? Not helping. Knock it off already. We’re kind of running out of somewhat credible alternatives, and with that much nationalist support in Quebec I’d really rather the next election not default to the NDP. Can ya help with that by maybe dropping the creapy? That’d be awesome. Thanks, gov. Appreciated.

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