Well, I was right about one thing. Made of win. We ended up checking out the downtown market for a couple hours, where a few things for supper were picked up as well as some things for the almost garden my cousin’s attempting to put together at her place. we then went back to said place, satisfiably stuffed ourselves, and did all manner of shooting the shit in the process; for the record, best way to kill the majority of an evening, like, ever. Then in one of those moments of “Ooh, good idea!”, we all decided to take a walk through a couple of the local park areas. for the record, even on a Sunday evening, both Andrew Hayden and Britania are hella crowded. These are good things to know. There was no swimming involved, although we probably could have easily pulled it off; for this early in June, the general consensus was next time, bathing suits will be worn. So now we’re starting to make semi-detailed plans for actually doing so in, say, 2 weeks or so. Which means I’ll more than likely not be nearly as white as I am in my current picture. That is, if we do it right.

Things I did manage to learn, though, while making a day of doing whatever the hell came to mind:

  • You can, in fact, buy fresher than grocery store vegetables for about half grocery store prices.
  • Sometimes, walking past something is enough to make you decide that’s where you’re gonna be your next free weekend. None of this sitting at home making plans crap.
  • Even a blind guy can avoid being nailed by an oncoming football. His sighted cousin? Barely.
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