*yawn, flop, snore*

I’ve been up since 8-ish thanks to two very hyper dogs and haven’t really done squat. Had them outside for a good half hour to 45 minutes, before they got distracted by the neighbour’s dog and had to be reigned in. Or rather, dust mop had to be reigned in. Missy had to be retrieved from their yard. The next hour and a bit was spent either playing with them or watching them play with each other and making sure they didn’t take the place apart in the process. They finally went to sleep about an hour ago… that gives me time to check email, look for jobs (not a damn one, but had to check), and try to wake up. Which I have utterly failed at, so I now go back to bed for a couple hours. If anything with more than 2 legs wakes me up before I’m no longer a zombie, I expect it to go flying.
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      His real name is Willie, and he’s a shitsu. Sorry, don’t know how to spell that. I’m not James, but I figured since he hadn’t gotten to this yet, I’d tell you. LOL! Oh, and when he gets a hair cut, James calls him swiffer. LOL! It’s quite amusing. And I think his hair is a bit curly. There’s just a lot of it.

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