Because lazy I don’t give 2 fucks mode is in full effect.

I haven’t done squat today, except make a rather pathetic attempt at getting dressed. Mom and dad are out at the grocery store and doing some other crap they have to get done this morning. I’m… well, not. I decided to stay home and mind 2 dogs and a dust mop, because that takes less energy. Lazy in the extreme? Probably. Do I care? No not really. Jessica (samari76) will be boarding the bus at 12:40 tonight, and should be here by about quarter past noon, give or take, tomorrow. Long ass trip, but I do believe it’s gonna be worth it. It is for me, anyway. Hmm. I had more to say here. I don’t now. Go figure.

  1. Wow! There’s a switch. Used to be that you guys lived closer than Bruce and I, and once I move this weekend, I’ll be a heck of a lot closer. This LD stuff really kinda sucks though sometimes. GRIN! And, nothing wrong with being lazy, although I’d love it if someone would come by here and help me pack up my other computer and accessories. Oh well, it’s actually not going too badly.

    1. You and your being like 4 hours from your other half can go away now. 😛

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