Give me Guinness souvenirs or give me death!

I’ve mocked some pretty off the wall stuff on this thing over the years. Probably more than my fair share. But this, right here, I think takes the cake. A 26-year-old guinness fan decided it wouldn’t be enough to just wait for the warehouse in St. John’s to open, and walk right in to get his hands on whatever he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on. No sir, that just absolutely would not do. The solution? Let’s break in via the window. His just reward? He died there.

I get the expression I’d die for $thing, where $thing is equal to something ultra cool you know you’ll probably not see for a good god damn long while. Like, for instance, a decent phone with Apple’s level of accessibility, but not Apple’s level of paranoid walled-garden-ness. But I always figured that was just an expression. Clearly, I’ve been corrected. But over Guinness-branded whatsits? That almost mocks itself. Almost. Glad I could help.


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