The slow, painful death of a router.

So, as hinted at in my birthday post, the last couple days I’ve been having some rather clunky interwebs related difficulties. Yes, again. The first time I had issues, it ended up being my 2 or 3-month-old modem (which I did end up replacing, by the way), and now it turns out to be my 5-year-old router, instead. One of the old D-Link models that was discontinued about a year or two ago. It isn’t as bad as the modem’s issues were; I don’t have to futz with unplugging and plugging it back in every half an hour. But it’s taken to random fits of kicking me off the internet (Yes, Rox’e (pawpower4me), Lauren (chickwith_stick), and everyone else on my MSN list who also stumbles across my LJ, that’s why I seem to be signing in and out every 10 minutes or so). I thought it might have been the modem doing funky things again, and actually, so did Jessica (samari76), who noticed it when she was trying to talk to me via IM before work. But according to the modem, it’s been up for a little bit over a day, which is about how long it’s been since I’d pulled the plug on it for other reasons. The router, however, shows logs as if it had just been powered on about the same time I was last given the royal boot off the net. So, in the span of about 5 minutes I’d established that we are in fact dealing with a bum D-Link. Rather than hum and haw over what to replace it with, I threw a question at the mailing list I’m on for Freedom Scientific’s JAWS for Windows, then went about the business of getting my hands on one of these. Unfortunately, it may or may not be here before the end of the week. But, it’s definitely hopefully God please tell me it will be on its way over here. Which means, roughly speaking, my less than stable internet connection won’t be for long. Now, I just hope it doesn’t crap out on me completely.
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