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  • The dog phobia days of apartment living.

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    I’m a huge dog person. Always have been. I grew up with and around them, raised and trained one of my own from 6 weeks, and now am raising a second with May–who also happens to be a huge dog person. So this apartment building was, in that respect, a … Read the rest

  • Signs of spring: my mailing address is now my parents’ front yard.

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    The parental units have found themselves with dogs for as long as I can remember. They’ve got two of them now–yeah, okay, so one’s mine, oh well. They’ve taken off for the weekend to do whatever they do when they take off for the weekend, and left me to keep … Read the rest

  • *yawn, flop, snore*

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    I’ve been up since 8-ish thanks to two very hyper dogs and haven’t really done squat. Had them outside for a good half hour to 45 minutes, before they got distracted by the neighbour’s dog and had to be reigned in. Or rather, dust mop had to be reigned in. … Read the rest

  • Because lazy I don’t give 2 fucks mode is in full effect.

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    I haven’t done squat today, except make a rather pathetic attempt at getting dressed. Mom and dad are out at the grocery store and doing some other crap they have to get done this morning. I’m… well, not. I decided to stay home and mind 2 dogs and a dust … Read the rest

  • Even I didn’t think I was that good.


    So the last couple times I’ve been letting our muts out, mine’s been developing this nasty little habbit of leaving the yard and either chasing after or barking at those foolish enough to walk past in front of our house. Cute once or twice, but not any more than that … Read the rest

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