Even I didn’t think I was that good.

So the last couple times I’ve been letting our muts out, mine’s been developing this nasty little habbit of leaving the yard and either chasing after or barking at those foolish enough to walk past in front of our house. Cute once or twice, but not any more than that and not at 8:00 in the morning when you’ve got kids trying to make their way to school. So I decided the next time she goes out, it’ll be attached to something that doesn’t allow her to leave the yard (either my mother’s dog’s leash, or a walking leash attached to me). I settled on the former, putting my mother’s mut who’s significantly older and so you’d think would be more easy to tire out on the walking leash. I figured I’d walk him around for a bit, he’d do his thing, and eventually want to come inside for the purpose of passing right the hell out. Didn’t happen. Instead, I learned a little something about that dog, and about me. Apparently, for a stupid mut who’s understanding of the phrase “come here” depends entirely on whether or not you have food in your hand, he’s pretty freaking brilliant. Either by accident or design (I still haven’t the slightest idea which yet), we ended up out by the community mailbox area we need to go to out here if we want to get our household mail. I only wish I both knew which one was ours and rememberred to grab my mom’s keychain, which has our mail key on it. Also apparently, either this neighbourhood’s easier to navigate than I previously thought it was, or my internal GPS (read: caneless mobility skill) has managed to maintain a certain level of awesome, even after escentially being ignored for God only knows how long. I walked my mother’s mut around a little bit longer after finding the mailbox, we ended up killing an hour and I still don’t think he’s completely tired out yet, and on the way home I only just barely missed the street the house is on. Not too shabby for someone who hasn’t even been here for more than a week, and hasn’t been walking around the neighbourhood in a small age, even if I do say so myself. And of course, once I figured out where I was getting back to the house was a simple matter. Mut senior promptly got let off the leash and went to fall over somewhere I think in the living room. That was almost an hour ago; I don’t think he’s moved yet. As for me, I’m gonna love my bed tonight, that’s for damn sure.


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