Happy anniversary.

For the first half of 2012, after things that shouldn’t have gone sideways ended up imploding instead, I was single. I’d planned to stay that way, if for no other reason than because I’d just spent 3 years doing exactly the opposite and it wasn’t doing me a whole lot in the favours department. I was more than happy with that. But somebody else decided to go and have a whole other plan in mind. And on July 1, 2012, I decided single until further notice was for somebody with nothing else to do. For making that decision the easiest one in a long while, and for a year I wouldn’t trade for anything, thank you. Happy anniversary, May.

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  1. Weeeellll, guess I shouldn’t point out that insanity was there long before you 2 hooked up? *pokes* You are very welcome sir. Sorry I’ve been sort of anti-social lately, yeah, medical problems… think that explains it. Oh, and there’s a very vague blog post about over on my blog. Which by the way, you should be proud, I just renewed it for a 2nd year last week! 🙂

  2. HAHA, *pats you on back* Are you alright there? Oh, and BTW when you have stitches in your chest, sneezing isn’t the most favorite thing to do. 🙂

  3. Ah, see, I knew you might faint or something with me keeping my blog this long, so be careful… don’t need you like stroking out or anything! 🙂 hahahahahaha

  4. HAHA, I won’t deny his insanity, I have witnessed it enough first hand, but Miss May, I can’t say you aren’t insane, you are after all dating James. 🙂

    • Moi? Insane? Surely you gest. I am perhaps the most normal person you’ll ever meet. And considering some of the folks we all know, I don’t wanna hear anyone dispute this thing.

  5. Oh god! Please don’t make me laugh that hard again, it makes the stitches hurt! You sir, are not normal, and you aren’t normal because normal is vastly over rated. 🙂

    • See what I have to put up with? I occasionally do techy type things for her, and the bitch calls me overrated. Well fine, then. 😛

  6. I think you need to check your brain, I said normal was over rated, not you. Because you aren’t normal, so there. And I have been learning techy stuff myself thank you! You just need to learn to talk to me when I don’t have tech issues! 🙂

  7. Well, aren’t you just full of things to celebrate. Good on you guys. Happy first anniversary, and here’s to celebrating as many more as you can stand each other for.

  8. Oh for me, I still stand by the single is better theory, at least for me not you. I mean I’ve already done the breeding thing, so what is the point really. Not single equals making myself vulnerable to yet another person by trying to explain as little as possible various degrees of disability. And then I get to see them trying to hide disappointment as the reality sinks in. Something I am not prepared to go threw ever again. Having been married four times, none of them lasting very long, I have learned that I am so very happy with my own company.
    However, I am overjoyed when I see that someone else has found happiness with another. It just isn’t something I have the guts for ever again. I suppose getting phone calls like last night at 1AM from ex number four asking me to pay his cell phone bill is a bitter reminder why I am so content by myself. Sounds pathetic I know, but honestly my life is so uncomplicated without the burdensome lesser halves. Living with more than one disease and 24/7 pain is enough to fill my days,,,at least these days it is. As I get older, my strength to endure gets shorter. Watching someone I love get sick and tired of the medical dramas of a tired soul, watching the bitterness creep in, and the envy of others in their eyes is too heartbreaking for me. It is much easier to live in such a way that I don’t have to see disappointed eyes that eventually turn to cheating eyes. At least when I look in the mirror I know that those eyes are truthful and will never sugar coat a damn thing. I break too easily now too, so to risk another in my life is to risk everything.
    My son is so very happy in a relationship and I love them both. So I am not anti-relationship or anything. I am actually a big mush when it comes to that. They both love each other deeply and respect each other equally, something I guess I never found. So to see it in others gives me faith in the human race. However, I have fallen in love with very bad choices and those choices tend to destroy my life. I figure four marriages is enough to prove that it took a lot for me to finally give up and I personally am better off.
    Being single can seem to be pathetic to those who are not use to being only in their own company. However, as time goes on, you get to know yourself again and that is never a bad thing. I think it is always a good thing to learn to be comfortable living with yourself instead of always needing a mate. Though I realize it is human nature to seek out a mate, it no longer is for me.
    James, single is not something for someone with nothing to do. I certainly have lots to do, too much as a matter of fact. It is not such a bad thing at all, for me as an example, it is the best thing to do.
    Good luck, and best wishes for you both.

    • Thank you much. I’ll freely admit, after things went on that I’m keeping largely out of the public eye, I would have been perfectly happy with the single life myself. Somebody just wasn’t all too interested in hearing that one and well, here we are.

    • There’s absolutely nothing pathetic about being single, and I wish society would stop trying to convince us that there is. I think we as a people would all be much happier if everybody else could butt the hell out and stop trying to make our life decisions for us. I say this having been in the same relationship for most of my adult life, but my single time isn’t something I look back on with shame. Living alone rules, for one thing. And having to justify how you spend your time, money and energy to nobody but yourself is kinda nice, too. I admire your honesty in blaming your own bad choices. Many in your position or at least what I understand to be your position based on what you wrote would go out of their way to blame everyone but themselves. Hearing somebody say “yeah, I definitely had a hand in this” is refreshing.

      • Well I think that is part of getting comfortable with living with just myself is coming to terms with the truth . And as they say, it always takes two and I was one of the two. 🙂

        • p.s. and just as an additional shocker, married four times and never once went for alimony. There is really really some of us out there.

  9. Somebody thought it might be fun to comment here as May. Not cool, somebody. That comment and its reply have been removed. You did not see the asociated emails.

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