Happy tenth birthday, #WordPress.

I’ve been doing the blogging thing off and on for 7 years, give or take. In that 7 years, I’ve used several different platforms depending on what I was looking for and how much of a headache I wanted. I settled on using wordPress in March of 2009, when it would have been very nearly 6 years old. I’ve never looked back. Today, with several hundred thousand possible themes, plugins, templates and god only knows what else–not counting what’s already built into its core, I don’t think I can ever be convinced to look back. WordPress does half the work for me, which is absolutely awesome if you’re me. And because of the absolutely insane list of just about everything under the sun people have already done to make it even better, you don’t need to be exceedingly well versed in the art of PHP to get things done–also advantage me, who has this nasty habbit of breaking just about everything PHP in several interesting ways before it sort of halfway works.

Today, WordPress turns 10. And already, they’ve got a shortlist of ideas being kicked about for future versions–including a thing I’ve been saying needs to happen with regards posting by email, since I decided to abandon trying to roll my own solution for doing the same (I should probably update that post too, given I discovered other issues with that plugin later on). If even their short-term plans turn out to be as good as what I’ve seen since throwing myself aboard this particular bandwagon, the next 10 years should be awesome squared. But then, just about anything that lets me throw opinions this way and that on whatever crosses my otherwise empty mind is awesome squared.

Happy birthday, WordPress. When next I toss back a shot, it’ll be in your name. Now if we could just talk about hiring me.


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