The blog turns a year old without me noticing.

On November 5th, 2009, I wrote this entry. That kicked off my blogging the second time around on this domain. That also kicked off my experience using WordPress as the blogging platform of choice, and moving away from LiveJournal. Since then, I’ve written a crap ton of entries, received some awesome feedback, thrown every post and comment under the sun from previous incarnations of this blog up here for consistency, and converted a person or two to the usage of WordPress–hello, Jessica, who hasn’t blogged in a small age herself. Oh yeah, and ranted/vented about several hundred things of a geeky and not so geeky nature. And it only occured to me I’ve been consistently doing this for a bit over a year about 2 minutes ago. Not bad for something I do just because it’s there to be done.

With the exception of a 4-month break last year, I’ve been fairly non-stop blogging in one way, shape or form for nearly 5 years. But for some reason, the 1-year mark of this particular version of this particular blog sticks out for me. Probably because when I started this blog, I’d just settled in after a move out of Ottawa to try and save me a little coin and now, just a month after the blog’s 1-year anniversary (Do blogs *have* anniversaries?), I’m investigating another creative little move in an attempt at saving me money. Whatever it is, and whyever it’s stuck out for me, there you have it. Happy belated anniversary to the blog. Next milestone? Five years blogging in general.

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