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Happy valentine’s day/anniversary, where applicable.

Yesterday was my parents’ 25th anniversary. Today, of course, well… if you don’t know what today is then a sheltered life you do lead. Somehow, I think it was planned that way by at least one of them. I always like to believe I get my… um, questionable sense of humor from my father. But the truth is, he actually borders on romantic sometimes. According to my mother, anyway. 😯 That fact in and of itself surprises the royal hell outa me. They’ve been on vacation since this past Sunday (By the way, 18 degrees where they are as opposed to -18 here? Bastards.), cellebrating 25 years. I tell you, if I actually end up with someone for that long, I hope I’m that close to that person. Now, where did I put my shovel… someone might as well clean out the snow that’s been dumped on my parking lot. I don’t hear any snow removal people doing it for me.

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