Happy after New Year!

No, this isn’t going to be one of those regular occurances wherein I blog about things 2 or more days after they happen, or at quarter after 2 in the morning. Okay, scratch the second one. That one’s already a regular occurance. The new years party was awesome. A little dancing, a little alcohol, a lot of good food… all that was missing was a very special person, but unfortunately you just can’t drive from BC to here and expect to make any kind of short-term appointments. I did have plenty of fun, though, even if for all the alcohol that was consumed I still felt sober. I dunno what they were serving, but oh my god if it got any more watered down it wouldn’t be alcoholic. Aside from that, though, the week I spent in Pembroke, some of which got blogged about already, was… eh… so-so. It was nice spending Christmas and new years with my parents, but I coulda done without the sister-in-law. And probably so could they, to be honest, but eh, ’tis life, no? Only having to work for a day last week and getting paid for the whole week was rockin. And I’ll get some nifty little $$$ for not working yesterday either. You can tell I’ve never actually been employed before… the idea of getting paid to not work amuses me. And… hm. I’m a lot more all over the place with this entry than I’d thought I’d be this early. That’s not good. I go wake myself up now.

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