Happy early birthday to me.

For a crazy old lady, My grandma still rocks plenty. It’s still almost a week before my birthday, but she already gave me my present. Yeah, I know, I’m 23 fucking years old in a week and don’t need presents. Well, I’m not about to tell her no.. especially when she sticks $20 in a card and calls it a birthday present. So instead, part of that $20 will go towards coffee tomorrow morning, or whenever it is we get around to getting out and doing things. Hm… which, come to think of it, probably won’t be tomorrow morning, or tomorrow at all. Because I’m still lazy as fuck, even though I now have money for caffeine. Including stocking my fridge who’s caffeine supply has been drained now for… hm. At least 3 days. How I managed to stay conscious without my caffeine is anybody’s guess. But anyway. Birthday money will fix that. Yay grandparents who give you birthday money! … I feel like a kid. I’m gonna stop writing now before I end up making myself sound like one.

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