2016, reviewed.

You’re supposed to do this on the last day of the year, but I’ve never been one for following the rules. Which probably partly explains how it is I’ve never been married–well, aside from the fact that just no. Still, it’s over, it’s done with, and I’m still breathing, so let’s see how I did.

The major thing in 2016 was already written about, though due to things related to web hosts that I’ll write about later it might have snuck under the radar–I survived college. I walked out of my geek in training program having successfully put skills on paper, and walked right into the job market. I submitted more applications for jobs in 16 days than I submitted in pretty much the entire 3 years before that. At least one of these things is probably going to pull me in. In the meantime, 2017’s got a few more that might just interest me.

I finally started getting the rest of my crap together after the way 2015 ended. Ending the year single sucks, but it didn’t kill me. And actually, it made putting the boot to the rest of what needed to happen just a little bit easier. Reconnecting with people I let slide because of academia and relationship complications happened, which pretty much guaranteed the summer of 2016 looked a hell of a lot prettier than the summer of 2015, and opened the door to meeting a few people I wouldn’t have met had things stayed pretty much the same. Whether or not some of those meetings end up being bad for people who aren’t me is still very much to be determined, but that’s what 2017’s for.

2016 wasn’t all sunshine and roses, though–and no, we’re not discussing the racist sexist they elected on the dark side of the Canada US border (by the way, brilliant move, guys). Small parts of it sucked on a personal level as well. Specifically around the end of October. That would be when, after coming back from celebrating a friend’s birthday, I ended up having my ID among other things stolen from me. Neither I nor the friend who was with me were hurt, and the guy responsible probably had a headache when he woke up the next morning, but I’m still working on replacing things that had gone missing that night. To protect the innocent, details are being kept out of the public eye, but people who should know already do.

I moved, again, in 2016–out of the apartment I was sharing with my now ex-girlfriend, and into a nice little apartment within walking distance of places that could potentially be useful. Places like a local beach, which also has the advantage of being connected to at least one hiking trail–this proving to eventually be a good thing, on account of in an effort to further improve the summer of 2016 over that of 2015, me, my cousin Trish, and her husband Roger officially launched Trail Trio. That’s been eating up the time that wasn’t already being stolen by academia, and I wouldn’t have it any different. It’ll be much more interesting now, seeing as we haven’t been out doing much since before Ottawa was whacked with the snow stick, but I see us testing winter in the not too distant future.

Lots of other, little things happened in 2016, but I’m fairly sure these are the important pieces. As for 2017, this is the first time in a while I can safely say I wouldn’t mind a little bit more of the same. I saw some doors opening near the end of 2016, and they look promising. I’m planning to give a few of them a shove in 2017 and see what waits for me on the other side. And barring complications, I’ll actually remember to note the things down somewhere this time.

By no means was 2016 perfect. But overall, I have to say 2016 was a good year for me, and significantly better than was 2015. If things are half this good the next year or so, I don’t know that I’ll have much to complain about. Which I’ll take, because I really need to spend more time mocking other people.

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