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Review of Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles after 4 episodes: weee!

After the writers strike and the fact that that pretty much meant the end of CSI, Anne clued me into a new series that hadn’t aired yet but was coming. That of course, being uh, this one. I made mention of it before, but that was kind of before I got my head fully wrapped around the goings on. Now that I’ve actually seen a bit more of it, I can form a basis of opinion on it. And that opinion, roughly summarized, is why the hell did it take them this long to come up with it? If you aren’t or never were a terminator fan, the series will probably give you a killer headache. Unless you like drawn-out storylines, and then you might just want to watch the series in spite of it being a terminator one. It’s definitely not something you can just kinda come into halfway through–the way they’ve set it up, you kinda have to know what’s going on in the beginning in order to figure out where they are now. But if you can get enough of it to catch yourself up on what’s happened so far, it becomes highly enjoyable. Or maybe I’m just all kinds of odd and crazy. That’s a distinct possibility too. I’m a sucker for a halfway decent action movie/series. And for the most part, on an action versus storyline basis, the Terminator movies were pretty up there. And although this series is only 4 episodes old, I think it’ll end up right up there, too. If the 1.5 of you who actually read this haven’t gotten a chance to see the show and are curious, here’s a trailer. At the least, give it a 5 minute look. Anyone who attempts to convince me it sucks without having at least having done that will receive little more than an Achmed style response. Thou hast been warned.


It took me until 10 minutes to 7 the next morning to figure out I fubared that trailer link. Fixeded. Sometimes, I’m an idiot.

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