Must. See. Tonight. If I’m not awake in time to watch this show (note to self: 8:00 tonight, channel 6), someone within driving distance of me has my permission to show up at my front door wielding a shotgun. And use it. I blame Anne for introducing me to the fact that show’s on. Hopefully she’ll still be able to watch it tonight… I know she was looking forward to it, too. Anyvay. Yes. Will watch. Or heads will roll. Huzza.

Update: delayed, but not denied.

Thankyaverymuch to an apparent need to fall asleep at 6:00 tonight and not wake up ’til quarter after 9, I have managed to miss the pilot episode. However, thankyaverymuch to the awesomeness that is bittorrent, I will still get to watch it. Mock me all you want for downloading crapola off the internet. If you’d record it on a PVR, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t, I can bloody well download it. Hipocracy is a government thing.

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