Wherein James lands an interview on less than 24 hours’ notice.

So as I might have mentioned on here about half a dozen times, I’m firing off job applications hardcore trying to land myself somewhere productive and with an income. One of those applications got back to me early this afternoon, wanting me to come in for an interview. So after the requisit call to the mother thing (sadly, I still need to borrow her wheels), it was confirmed that I can do so tomorrow. At 9:00. In the morning. Have I lost my bloody mind? Er, wait, never mind. Lost implies it was once had. So tomorrow I haull my ass outa bed at mumble thirty, make myself look relatively presentable, then drag myself off to an interview. Which means I could have a job again by the beginning of August. If they want me to start any sooner than that, well, they’re just gonna have to work with me a little bit. That other job I was looking at decided apparently they didn’t want to hire me, so that’ll be their loss. I’ll go for the interview tomorrow, and if I like what they’re offering me, I’ll go from there. It’s a mad awesome skillz bidding war out there, and my mad awesome skillz are for sale.

  1. I’ll buy your mad awesome skillz. 😉

    Good luck with the interview. Maybe I should have ssaid good luck getting up on time, since I know I have a terrible time going from sleeping into getting up at an unreasonably early hour.

    1. I think I’ve solved that one. Although it did take not going to bed. LOL

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