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The longest attempt to set up an interview, *ever*…

… May very well come to fruition in about 2 weeks. That’s when the interview that’s been in the works for at least 2 months has finally, tentatively, been scheduled for. Tentatively meaning, subject to change depending on when the hell I can hitch a ride to Ottawa. Damn, with a job preparation timeline like this, the job had better damn well be guaranteed to me. Or at least hard for me to avoid getting hired for. The really sad part is, the reason it took this long to be tentatively scheduled for 2 weeks from Thursday is completely and totally out of the hands of the Ottawa office I’m hopefully going to be working for. To explain that, though I’ll need to do what I’m famous for and sidetrack a little.
Anyone who’s actually read more than 3 lines on this blog knows I’m blind, and use a screenreader. Specificly, JAWS for Windows, designed by Freedom Scientific. That lovely little piece of software, as useful as it is, comes with a nice little price tag. And they aren’t always as quick on the uptake as I think they should be when it comes to shipping. One of these days, barring lazyness, I’ll upload a demo of just what the hell I manage to do with that software installed and running. But suffice it to say, you’re reading a small part of the result of that program.
Okay, with that explanation or sorry attempt at one out of the way, back to the original point of this entry. So, the majority of the delay was a waiting game on everyone’s part. The HR person I’ve been talking to has pretty much been running circles between their IT department, their financial department, and presumeably the company linked above who makes the screenreader, trying to put things in place so I can actually do the computer things their interview requires. I can only imagine how much of a pain in the ass it is trying to justify that kind of a price tag just for the sake of an interview. Someone either really likes my resume or has lost their freakin mind. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Then, it was all about the waiting for the screenreader to get from the developers to the office it’ll actually be used in. And, in someone’s infinite wisdom, it was getting here by way of Texas. So that meant waiting until they got around to shipping it to Texas, then waiting until whoever picked it up in Texas to get around to shipping it to Ottawa. And all the while, the HR person’s calling me every so often with the all too familiar “I’m still waiting on it, but your resume hasn’t moved”. So apparently, he’s been calling for a couple hours, trying to get a hold of me today, and I just finally actually got on the phone with him about half an hour ago–I do believe he sounded more relieved that it was over and done with than I’d originally expected. So now, I arange transportation, let him know when I’ll be showing up, and finally actually get this interview out of the way so they can tell me to take my qualifications and shove ’em up my ass. Or hire me. Whichever. So, 2 weeks from now, rather than sitting in front of a computer looking for work and randomly dropping opinions on this thing, I’ll hopefully be sitting in front of a computer, giving them a reason to hire me, and maybe if they feel like being nice dropping an opinion or two on this thing. But probably not. I’m gonna miss being an unemployed, lazy sod… but at least I’ll be doing something!


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