Dear temp agency. My status is confused.

I finally got a chance to sit down this morning and check my email, after making several dozen laps outside with the dogs–sometimes, house sitting’s quite inconvenient. When I opened my email this morning, a nifty little gift was sitting there waiting for me. In the form of an email from the People Bank, one of the temp agencies I threw an application in with in the early stages of last year. I initially thought it might be a long awaited job opportunity. Or another interview. Or something of that kind of goodness. It would, after all, be the first such opportunity any of those agencies actually contacted me with in, like, ever. Nope, guess again. It was an email asking me if I was still looking for work, still busily unemployed, and still wofully unskilled for any of their 6 degree required positions. Naturally, I am in all 3 categories. So I told them as much.

But now, I just have one small, minor little question. I applied with this particular company in, I believe, February or March of last year–possibly a little earlier. They hadn’t contacted me with anything more than an introductory interview in that time. A year plus later, and I get a standard “Are you still available?” form letter. Meanwhile, at least three jobs have probably passed through that company that I could easily do in my sleep. Their reasoning? They want a current resume. Why? To upgrade my skills. Um. My skills, and resume, haven’t changed. So, um, what?
I like the concept behind temp agencies. But, I’m learning, the actual interactions with temp agencies? I could probably do without.

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