Either I am good, or I am still unemployed.

I should know within the week…ish, if all goes according to plan. I applied for a position advertised by Adecco, another local temp agency in these here parts, at about the end of last week. I’ve been in almost constant contact with them since Monday about that and one other position they think, based on my resume, I just might qualify for. And, after a lot of back and forth over the phoneand through email, I now officially have yet another interview with yet another temp agency tomorrow morning. Both jobs I’m up for consideration for will be covered in the interview, seeing as they’re both fairly identical with the exception that one’s doing IT support for employees of a company, whereas the other’s putting me back in a position more similar to my days working for Dell. They both pay roughly the same base rate as well, so it ends up working out in the long run regardless which job I end up landing. The only real difference other than the end user to be supported? One’s close to where the old office was, the other’s downtown. So it looks like there will be a definite return to Ottawa tomorrow, now for two reasons. My return home, and my possible (as in, good lord I hope so) return to employment. Yes, it does mean I had to sort of postpone the seeing of the girlfriend if I land either job, but we both agree it’s more than worth it in the long run. Just means I might be working rather than sleeping on easter Sunday. I’ll get over it. As long as it means I’ll be working.

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