Reason why I am win, number 9542691.

We packed up and headed in to Ottawa on Monday as planned, for the interview. It lasted a whole… 20, maybe 25 minutes. They basicly had me tell them exactly what I did for my time with Dell, how much I made, and how much I’d be willing to work for. Then they told me escentially what it was they were about, and said I should be getting an email from them shortly with more info. So, as of about 3:00 on Monday, I’m now registered with Excel HR. They’ll apparently be calling me at some point when they find a job I qualify for in the pay range I gave them, or thereabouts. Which means I just may find myself employed relatively soon. I did get that email, but it comes with a PDF attachment and well, my mother’s computer is not playing nice with Adobe and I so don’t feellike troubleshooting it just so I can read the thing. Because I’m all lazy like wo.

We went to the casino afterwards, rather unplanned, but that’s kind of what happens when neither me nor the mother were behind the wheel; I knew it’d happen when she told me my aunt and uncle were coming along. So, because we were gonna be there a while whether I liked it or not, I spent money I really didn’t want to, as did she. We ended up getting home at 2:00 this morning (well, okay, yesterday morning). And I promptly checked email, then passed right the hell out. Yesterday involved a whole freaking lot of doinb absolutely nothing. Mom did some baking, which is as always damn good, and that’s… basicly about it. Tomorrow, mom has to go pick up the father unit since when she went with him for the 2 weeks, they both just piled into his car so as of right now, he has no wheels to get home. So tomorrow, I get to play house sitter again for the day.

Our plan after that, well, is anyone’s guess. All I know though, really, is on Thursday, the new CSI comes out. And on Friday, my dad has a doctor’s appointment, and we collect Jessica (samari76) from the bus station. I may shwing by my apartment while he’s at the doctor’s, just so I can mess around with the new hard drive I bought last week. And for the rest of the weekend, I’ll have plenty to be thankful for. As for now, I go finish sorting through emails and then, possibly, steal more of mom’s baked goods before falling into bed.

PS: Any of the more technically inclined folks out there know of a decent PDF to RTF converter? I’m not fighting with Adobe on this antique of a machine, and I won’t get back to mine until at least Friday, so converting it’s faster if I can find one. Halp plz?

ETA: Found one. It doesn’t do a damn thing. Thanks for the offer, Caroline (kittytech)!

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      • From what I remember, it’s a totally automated process, so all you need to do is attach the file. It does the conversion and then sends it back to you. I haven’t used it in a long time because I’ve got other programs for converting PDF files and haven’t needed it.

          • Absolutely I’m still offering. Unfortunately, I’m not going to send you my copy of K1000, though. GRIN!!! I usually use Adobe, but if the file is an image, K1000 usually does a decent job of recognizing it and making it into something readable.

            • Unfortunately I don’t know if the file’s an image or not, as Adobe over here likes to crash the instant it opens. But if you can just save it as a text file using Adobe, that too would be awesome. Give me a minute and I’ll email it to you.

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